Qualities of Light
These are the attributes of light which can be manipulated in order to fulfill the seven functions.
  1. Intensity

  2. Color

  3. Distribution: Essentially, where the light hits the stage and from what angles. If we have a blue light hitting the SL side of the stage, and a red light hitting SR, that's a matter of distribution. If we flood the whole stage with an even wash of blue light, that's distribution. If we have an actor isolated in a tight special, that's distribution.

  4. Movement: Any change in any of the other three qualities.

Judy's list is slightly different:
  1. Intensity

  2. Distribution

  3. Angle

  4. Color

  5. Change and movement

  6. Visual quality of the light field (diffuse, soft edged, or even and hard, with or without a clear outline.)

  7. External look: beams cutting through smoke filled air.